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Add third-party integrations to your SaaS

WoahAuth provides dashboard and API to setup integrations, authenticate users, and get access tokens. Dead simple.
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Hear from some happy founders

WoahAuth is an instrumental part of our infrastructure. Without it, our product's utility would be severely limited.
Zach Sents
Minus | Business Automation SaaS
Development speed is critical for the companies we work with, and WoahAuth helps us deliver.
Johnny Garcia
Virtue | Software Startup Consultancy
Being able to export lists to Google Sheets is a valuable feature for our users, made possible by WoahAuth.
Zack Allen
Talented | Offshore Talent Platform

Make integrations quick & easy

Building valuable SaaS tools means integrating with your users' data, but adding third-party integrations is complicated.

Save hours and eliminate complexity

Integrations traditionally require hours of development time, hundreds of lines of code, and a deep understanding of OAuth protocols. WoahAuth eliminates all of that.
+7 hours saved
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Add more integrations without adding code

Use the same code to ship countless more integrations. Your developers & your users will thank you.
More integrations = More addressable users
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Up & Running in 5 Minutes

1. Paste in your OAuth client config

from Google Cloud Console, GitHub Developer Settings, etc.

2. Send users to your custom authorization link

where they can sign in through the integration provider.

3. Use the API to retrieve fresh tokens

and never worry about token storage, refreshing, PKCE challenges, or really anything.

Enjoy a growing ecosystem of integrations

We're always adding new integrations to give your SaaS more power 💪
Want something specific? Request an integration.
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Add integrations. Get more users. Make more money.
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Integrations affordable for everyone

WoahAuth is free for the first 100 connected accounts, then we offer affordable pricing plans for growing SaaS companies.
For established SaaS companies with large userbases
Unlimited integration clients
Up to 1,000,000 connected accounts
Integration Portal for your users
API key integrations
Direct support line
For growing SaaS companies
Unlimited integration clients
Up to 50,000 connected accounts
API key integrations
Integration Portal for your users
For small projects and personal use
Unlimited integration clients
Up to 1,000 connected accounts
API key integrations
Billed monthly / annually